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Brian and Janine, founders of Strategic Global Impact, have both been involved in missions from their teenage years.

Brian is a 1996 Zion Bible College graduate and the first missionary to be sent out from the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry in Pensacola, Florida. Brian served as a full time missionary in Tanzania, East Africa for 5 years before marrying his wife Janine. She joined him to live in Tanzania for 3 additional years. Together, they focused on urban and rural church planting, leadership development, discipleship, and reaching the unreached.

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In 2006, the Weavers took a study sabbatical at Regent University, where Brian graduated in 2008 with his Masters of Arts in Practical Theology and Janine graduated in 2011 with her Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies. He and his wife Janine are ordained ministers and currently have their own non-profit ministry,

Strategic Global Impact, Inc. Brian and Janine travel and minister together around the US and the globe preaching and teaching, holding evangelistic crusades, leadership and equipping seminars, and conducting Holy Spirit meetings. In February of 2009, Brian launched a Bible college in southern Tanzania in the city of Mtwara, an area of Tanzania devoid of ministry training yet home to many Islamic unreached people groups. The Bible college has been strategic for beginning to the reach the hundreds of Islamic villages that need churches.

Based in Virginia Beach, Virginia for the last several years, Brian served as the pastor of Network Development for New Life Ministries International ( and taught at Regent University as an adjunct professor. In conjunction with ministering in the US and teaching, Brian was traveling back and forth to Tanzania continuing to mentor some of the leaders he poured into in Moshi as well as teaching/facilitating in the Bible College in Mtwara. Janine and the children have returned periodically to do women's ministry and visit their disciples in Tanzania.

Currently, Brian and Janine, are living in Germany, where they are passionate about seeing the the following:


1) Christ exalted in that nation and in the rest of Europe

2) A movement of new churches planted

3) An Awakening in the lost and revival in the church

4) Disciples made, mobilized, and sent. 


They moved to Frankfurt September 2014 to partner with The BFP (Pentecostal Union of Churches in Germany) and the Mosaik Church Planting Network to see this happen.


Meanwhile, they will also be continuing to develop the works in Tanzania and search for other Spirit-led and strategic partnerships in other countries. 

Brian and Janine have three adorable children, Abigail, Nathaniel, and Gabriel.

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