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Germany and Europe have been at the center of the Protestant movement for centuries. Because of a radical theologian and Christian leader named Martin Luther, we celebrate the beautiful doctrine of receiving salvation by grace (sola gratia). The place that catalyzed a massive turning point in the history of the church launching millions into a new understanding of forgiveness, has now become a land of the spiritual dry and needy. This is not to say that they are not people who are seeking God and asking for a fresh awakening and reformation to happen again, but the numbers have been consistently dwindling over the last years. 


I believe that God wants to do something new and fresh in Europe. One of the keys will be to plant effective and innovative churches that uncompromisingly preach the Gospel, but also they will not be afraid to look a little different than what some of the historic European church has traditionally looked like.

Our vision and passion are to make the name of Jesus famous and to see many harvests of souls amongst all the generations coming to know Christ in  Europe.  We are convinced that apart from the power of God we cannot do it, but we are also equally confident that God has given us the dominion mandate to advance the Gospel with his authority, power, and grace.  As Jesus told His disciples in Matthew 10: "As you go, preach the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.  Heal the sick. Cleanse the Leper. Cast out demons. Raise the dead." This is part of the Gospel of the kingdom that needs to be expressed within Europe. 

The Gospel must be proclaimed and demonstrated because the Gospel is not the Gospel unless demonstration and transformation are happening. A transformation of society begins as transformation takes root in the hearts of individuals. 

Our hearts burn to see a transformation of society through the transformation of hearts as people begin to acknowledge the Lordship of Jesus Christ.


Many of the countries in Europe have less than 2% evangelical Christians. Germany has between 2 and 4%, but the numbers are in decline. To put in the vernacular, we are convinced that God has not done his best thing yet in Europe! There's more; however, anytime the church begins to struggle and there is an aging population of those who are believers, then it is time to partner together. 

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