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Because we want our lives to live and breath worship unto the Lord, we are committed to obeying the great commandment and the great commission.  We want to love God with all of our hearts and make disciples of all nations (Greek: ethne - people groups) as we are instructed by Christ in Matthew 28: 18-20.  The transforming Gospel that has so revolutionized our lives compels us to share this glorious life-changing truth wherever the King of kings desires to send us.  Our mission is summed up by saying that we are compelled by a love,


truth, person/God Jesus, message, power, grace, and mercy that has so radically altered our paradigm that we want nothing less than to give ourselves to this. 


We desire humbly to extend and establish the God's Kingdom in all the earth by preaching, praying, partnering, operating in the power of the Spirit, training, and mobilizing.  SGI does not, cannot, and will not stand alone.  We are a single entity woven into the beautiful tapestry called the Body of Christ; therefore, we recognize that we have a role to play but in the context of what God is already doing in the area that he sends us.  Our highest role is to emulate our Lord he took the form of a slave to serve: serve God; serve the church; and serve the world.

Our focus is on Germany, but we will be continuing to partner together with ministries across Europe as well as continue to develop the work in Tanzania. We want to be a part of what God is doing!


The proclamation of the Gospel is the way that peoples' hearts are stirred and respond in faith.  If there is no preaching and proclaiming of the Gospel, then people cannot know the life-saving truth of Christ and their hearts cannot be awakened.  In a day and age where dialogue is a celebrated format (and effective might I add) to learn and teach, the church cannot lose the distinctive power of the message of Gospel which is the power of God.  Paul in Romans 10:14c unequivocally states, "And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?"  Faith arises when the word of God is incarnated in peoples' hearts through preaching.  Yes, it is somewhat of mystery, but the truth is that preaching changes lives, breaks chains, transforms hearts, starts movements, creates riots (Paul ran into some problems remember), and ultimately, brings people to a saving-faith in Christ.


Nothing that will last for eternity can be built without the accompaniment of believing prayer.   God works in partnership with us.  While he is absolutely sovereignty, he has chosen to share his supreme authority in part with his children by empowering us to affect change and destinies through believing prayer.  While the mission is to make disciples of all, we understand that is unambiguously impossible apart from the support of prayer.  Prayer creates opportunities, changes hearts, softens the hard, immobilizes the enemy, empowers the believer, releases grace into otherwise impossible situations, etc.  While we are 100% committed to proclamation, we are also fully committed to prayer and mobilizing prayer initiatives.


We are committed to partnering together with individuals, churches, denominations, and movements for the extension of the Kingdom.  We are not looking for a SGI label nor applause, we are looking that the great I am would receive glory.  There are times we will initiate, but there are times we come along side.  There other times we will ask others to partner with us in endeavors that can only be accomplished synergistically.

We believe that the expansion of the church in the book of Acts was directly linked to the power of the Spirit that was poured out in Acts chapter 2.  Operating in the Power of the Spirit is not after thought is very much intrinsically linked to all other values that we espouse.  In other words, we cannot do without him!  Moreover, I do not want to do without him!  The signs and wonders that accompanied Peter, Paul, Barnabas, and others can and will accompany the preaching of God's word today.  These signs will point to the Sign-giver Jesus--not to mention bring life, wholeness, strength, and healing demonstrating the crazy love that God has for us.


The way a disciple is made is through mentoring, fathering/mothering, painstaking discipleship, teaching, demonstrating, and empowering.  This is not an overnight process nor should it be.  The kind of disciple that produces society-transforming disciples is process.  In various means of one-on-one or in small groups, we know that to produce the kind of disciple that becomes disciple maker takes patience, commitment, and time.  Heck, if it took Jesus 3 years with his boys, why should I think that I could do it through a 3 week intensive program!


We desire to carry on the Apostolic ethos that has awakened our hearts.  For every nation to hear means more people need to be sent.  Therefore, we want to mobilize church planters to advance the Gospel regionally with an intense city vision, and we want to empower minsters to go into all the world going places.  We are limited in the natural, but we are all sent (John 20:21)!

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