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Our hearts burn to help as many people as possible fulfill the call of God on their lives.  We cherish every opportunity to pour into leaders, pastors, missions leaders, and church planters.  Brian has started a Bible College in Mtwara, Tanzania, taught at Regent University in the Biblical Studies department as an Adjunct Professor, and been involved with pastoral ministry for over 15 years.  


We are available for training and consulting on church planting,  


leadership, and mission strategies. Coaching is major aspect of God's heart for ministry today. We love investing into present and future leaders to see that the unique design of the Lord can be fulfilled in and through them.


If there was a theme verse to Brian and Janine's lives, it would be 2 Timothy 2:22.  Paraphrased, it states that which you have learned, pass it on to faithful men (or women) who will in turn pass it on to others.  This is a 4 generational model of discipleship. I learned it from someone, I share it with someone who I see will share it with someone else.  This is the gospel. This is discipleship. And we are all about it!

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