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We are crazy about God! How could we not be? The greatest life ever lived that undeniably changed the course of history (truly making it His-story) - Jesus - is the singly most exciting person. His birth, life, miracles, teachings, humility, death, death-defying grave exit-strategy, and His ascension all simply point to divinity.  'Myth of History' he is not. The fanciful claims made by his disciples -not simply stories -but were supernaturally veracious.  Why would a bunch of fishermen concoct something that


would surely cost them their lives if they purported it, taught it, and spread it unless it were not true.  There is much historical primary evidence to give witness to the claims made by his disciples.   The life of Christ is simply a stand alone in history.  He is awesome.  He is healer.  He is the Deliverer to all who call upon Him.  He paid the price of our sin and pride by laying down His own life so that we may have eternal life with Him.

If you have never experienced the life-changing love of God, we encourage you to open up your heart to Him today. Your broken places can be replaced by wholeness.  Your hopelessness will turn into hope in a God who loves you and has created you for purpose!  You were made for more than the life you are currently experiencing. You were made to love and be loved--by God!

So, YES, we are excited about JESUS...excited about extending the Kingdom of heaven through missions, church planting, evangelism, training, teaching, and other cool stuff.  We are determined to make an impact in the world for Jesus because the world need to know Him.  Everyone needs to know Him and experience His loving forgiveness and grace.  So, before all the DOING and GOING, we are all about BEiNG WITH GOD and KNOWING HIM. Then and only then can we make Him known to others. 

In short, Strategic Global Impact exists because we love God and are called to make an impact in our generation in the nations for Jesus Christ.  

We invite you do the same with your life-- love God with all of your heart and then go and make a difference for Him, whatever that looks like for you: Marketplace, family life, friendships, daily activities, church involvement, missions trips, disciplemaking...whatever you put your hand to do, do it FOR HIM! Make your life count because it does.  Be all about Him!

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